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Slingshot Broadband offer ultrafast Fibre & Naked Broadband Plans for New Zealand. 

Slingshot have a range of different Slingshot broadband plans available. Some Slingshot broadband plans include a home phone line whilst other broadband plans are like Slingshot Naked Broadband and don't have a home telephone line.

Slingshot does offer Slingshot Ultrafast Fibre Broadband and Slingshot broadband packages with different data limits and variable speeds.

The type of Slingshot broadband connection you can get depends on your address and area.  Slingshot offer all types of broadband connection, Slingshot Fibre, Slingshot VDSL and Slingshot ADSL dependant on what is available in your broadband region.


** NOTE: The above information has been provided by the ISP or reproduced from their website **


Total: 5.9
Reliability 6.3
Speed 6.0
Support 5.4
Features 6.0
Value 5.8
Average from 119 reviews
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2018-09-09 08:53:37
Nate 7.2
Overall a satisfactory experience with these guys, just returning to my original provider for a bit.
Great customer service. Good introductory deal although it wasn't implemented properly and took some pushing on my part to get the terms that were originally offered.
A little punitive towards late payments.
2018-09-02 22:55:24
Pete 2.2
Offered a $79.95 plan should I change from sister company FLIP internet. Did so and so far despite numerous emails and phone call to customer service been billed everything other then the $79.95 promised. Dont trust them
Still trying to find one
Agree with other review. All they are interested in is $$$
2018-08-08 02:38:05
Jayson 1.0
Worst fucking experience ever, speed issues and lack of fluent english speaking support team, tech dept that are not qualified techs that re-site scripted excuses from chorus manifest, this stretches to all the 2 vocus internet brands (Orcon, Slingshot) vocus is more focus on $$$ with all its vocus brands (Orcon, Slingshot, Flip, 2Talk and Switch Utilities) than it is about customers
Best Pro for this was the day I left.
No dont use them, sucker low prices advertisement is a gimic
Customer service is a complete joke
waiting long hours
The broken english and unqualified tech support or the tech support that located in India/Philippians/Malayasia that you can never understand
2018-07-18 01:43:49
Reinette 10.0
Tilon at Compare is great to speak to and gave me the best fibre package with Slingshot.
2018-07-02 09:48:30
JOHN lyon 6.6
too expensive
Showing 41-45 of 130 items.
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