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20 November

How to make sure your broadband plan suits your needs

How much bandwidth do you actually need? What are the best value broadband plans? Check out this guide to help you decide which broadband plan best suits your need.

19 November

SPOTLIGHT: Slingshot

Slingshot is a TWO TIME WINNER of the Broadband Compare Awards People's Choice Award and they love all the good things you love.

14 November

Spotlight: Stuff Fibre

Meet Stuff Fibre – winner of Best Fibre Broadband Provider at the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards, and the latest provider in our spotlight series. Stuff Fibre are the experts in ultrafast, unlimited fibre. The ultimate provider for a great gaming, viewing and browsing experience. 

8 November

These are New Zealand’s best broadband providers of 2018

Tonight we have just seen more than 200 senior-level professionals from the New Zealand Internet and Communications Technology sector come together at the Broadband Compare TUANZ Awards to celebrate the best of the best in the broadband sector.

25 October

Is this the best value unlimited broadband deal in New Zealand?

The cost of living feels more expensive than ever in New Zealand. So, Kiwis need to save every cent they can. Broadband is a great place to start, especially with a brand new exclusive unlimited broadband deal of the year.

11 October

Did you know that over 765k New Zealanders are missing out on Ultra-Fast Broadband?

Government’s Broadband Deployment report reveals the future of UFB in NZ. Over 765,000 Kiwis are currently missing out on Ultra-Fast Broadband.

10 October

Who is NZ's best Broadband Provider? Vote today!

Who is New Zealand's best broadband provider in 2018? Vote today and have your say about who is the best of the best in broadband.

20 September

Kiwi Households paying up to $400 a year too much for their broadband

Failure to compare your current broadband plan or spot when your broadband deal expires could be costing you more than $400 a year.

19 September

Trees or Wifi? Changes to how you ‘log’ on with rural broadband.

It's Sep-Timber for trees as the High Court in Auckland rules that property owners can be forced to trim or remove trees that are blocking their neighbours' broadband reception.

13 September


Check out our latest Spotlight on Skinny Broadband. Skinny offer a stripped-back wireless broadband service. 

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