Basic Human Needs of the 21st Century

Basic Human Needs of the 21st Century
Tuesday, May 29, 2018

You can live for three days without water, three weeks without food, three minutes without air; but how long can you survive without checking your mobile phone for notifications or connecting to the WiFi?

Allegedly, WiFi connection has become the very basic need for us these days. We take internet access pretty much for granted and react aggressively to slow connection, or even worse, internet dropouts. As time went by, the means of communication has shifted drastically. The means of interaction and connecting has already leaned towards the digital end through the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or a laptop computer. While physical human interactions are still being practiced, WiFi or internet connectivity has somehow climbed up to the heirarchy of basic needs.

In the past, we have shared some tips on troubleshooting your WiFi if you experience problems here.

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